Nordic Events in Twin Cities Metro Area

picture of Gary Legvold

Gary Legvold, author

Saturday, March 10, 2018, 1:00pm
Gary Legvold, author
Norway House,913 E Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN.

Gary Legwold of Minneapolis is the author of The Last Word on Lefse, The Last Word on Lutefisk and The Last Toast to Lutefisk!

Please join us as he speaks on his passion for lefse! From Gary:

I’ve been blessed — and compelled — to write two books on lefse.

When I wrote The Last Word on Lefse, I fretted that the grand old practice of lefse making was dying. Now, 25 years later in Keep On Rolling, I traveled the Lefse Trail (13 stops in six states) to assess the State of the Lefse Union — and I found it to be vibrant. Lefse makers abound, and when they gather at family lefse fests during the holidays to make this tender flatbread, it’s a blast.

picture of Reuben and Diane Ristrom

Diane and Reuben Ristrom

Saturday, April 14, 2018, 1:00pm
Reuben and Diane Ristrom, Norway House,913 E Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN.

This meeting is cancelled due to weather.

A Twin Cities native and U of M graduate with 50 years in the music business, Reuben has worked concerts, shows and jazz festivals throughout the continental US and Hawaii, gigging with the best local musicians and many national ‘name’ artists.

Diane is a vocal music teacher, church choir director and organist.

Together they will perform a variety of music with Reuben playing guitar and banjo while Diane and Reuben both sing vocals.

Join us for what will be a delightful musical program.