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Manny Oyen

Manny Oyen passed away on January 25, 2017 in Mesa, AZ at the age of 86. He is survived by his wife Mary Lou. Manny was a member of Sons of Norway (Vonheim until he moved to Arizona), the Fairhaven Lions Club, & the Norske Torske Klubben. There will be a memorial service at Fountain of the Sun in Mesa, AZ on February 20, 2017 at 1 PM, and in Minnesota at 1st Lutheran Church of Crystal this summer.

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Norway News

Tubfrim Winner Announced

Friday, Jan. 13, 2017, was a lucky day for Vennskap 1-554 in Canby, MN. Drawn from over 1000 other cards, the lodge was the winner of the Tubfrim drawing to give away an airline ticket to Norway, worth up to $1,000. With each card representing one pound of collected stamps, Sons of Norway sent at least 1,084 pounds of stamps to Tubfrim in 2016. Vennskap contributed 21 pounds to that total. This past year, 70 lodges participated in the program, clipping 1,626,000 stamps.

For over 30 years, Sons of Norway members have been clipping canceled postage stamps and sending them to Tubfrim, who then sells them to dealers and collectors.

Originally, the money raised went to help children afflicted by tuberculosis. Since tuberculosis is no longer the threat to health that it once was, the proceeds from the resale of stamps now helps to improve the quality of life for children and youth with disabilities and special needs. Sons of Norway members are the largest contributor outside of Norway to Tubfrim’s efforts, sending nearly 30 percent of all stamps collected.

While helping children is a great motivation for members to participate, there is a special incentive to say “thank you.” For every pound of stamps collected, the member or lodge can enter a drawing, held in mid-January every year, to win a round trip ticket to Norway, worth up to $1,000. The official postcard to enter the drawing can be ordered from the Sons of Norway supply department, 800-945-8851 ext. 645 or

If you would like to participate in the Tubfrim contest and get a chance to win a free ticket to Norway, visit the Tubfrim page on the Sons of Norway website. For more information or questions, contact Sons of Norway Tubfrim Chairperson Mary Bennett at 608-837-8335 or

Norway’s Constitutional Language Receives Update

After debate among Norway’s three largest political parties, a proposal has been reached and approved to modernize the Constitution. Originally drafted in an archaic version of bokmål, the proposal updates the text to a more widely used version of bokmål as well as introduces another copy in Norway’s other official language, nynorsk. The last time the Constitution language was evaluated and changed was in 1903.

The updates were set into motion in 2012 by a Constitutional Language Committee appointed by Norwegian Parliament and tasked with creating a report on the viability of updating the document. The ultimate goal of the linguistic evaluation was to make the Constitution more popular and accessible, utilizing spelling, vocabulary and grammatical patterns that are more recognizable to modern readers.

The Conservatives (Høyre), Progress Party (Fremskrittspartiet, FrP) and the Labour Party (Arbeiderpartiet, Ap) previously had been at a stalemate, each supporting a different model for either changing the Constitution or leaving its language untouched. Amid concerns that uneven proposals would favor one of Norway’s official languages over the other, agreement was eventually reached on a moderate bokmål update proposal provided by language professor Finn-Erik Vinje and a nynorsk proposal from law professor Hans Petter Graver.

“The decision will be historic,” said Labour’s Martin Kolberg, head of the parliamentary scrutiny and constitutional affairs committee. Nynorsk gets a status which it has never previously had.”


By-Laws Updated in 2013

The adopted By-Laws include several updates to match the verbage recommended by Sons of Norway.