June 15 Dick Enstad Presents "Norwegian Fishermen Journey to the Lofoten Islands"

Have you ever wondered how the Vikings were able to feed their clans through the brutal Scandinavian winter? Sons of Norway's June presentation featuring Dick Enstad is one that you won’t want to miss! Journey with us on an epic tale of Norwegian fishermen making the dangerous journey to the Lofoten Islands. 

Dick is a charter member of the Norsota Lodge, a former teacher and renowned craftsman, and an expert on all things Norwegian. He will share the details of Cod fishing, the tools and techniques of the trade, and the life of these brave fishermen. There will not be a recording of this presentation so make sure to join us via Zoom.

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Vonheim Lodge Picnic
Tuesday, July 27th 5:00PM Wabun Park 

Join us at Wabun Park, 4655 46th Ave So 
(East of Minnehaha Falls on the road to the Veterans Home) 
Lot D by the restrooms and children’s pool/playground 

BBQ ribs and BBQ chicken accompanied by coleslaw, baked beans   and a corn muffin will be served 

Meal will be followed by a game of bingo with prizes. 

Cost:  $20 

If you have not been vaccinated, mask wearing is required
Reservations to Pam Rose by July 21st -- 952-854-4743.